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Ben Wins Deans Prize for Architectural Excellence.

Ben Wins Deans Prize for Architectural Excellence.


The Dean’s Prize for excellence in Surveying & Architectural Technology

Ben’s journey on the architectural technology course has been truly remarkable. Right from the beginning as a first-year student, he displayed a remarkable aptitude for software skills, quickly mastering various tools that allowed him to breathe life into his designs and intricate details. His commendable work ethic led him to secure a year-long placement, where he further honed his knowledge of detailing. Upon his return, his exceptional proficiency in software, particularly in Revit and adobe Photoshop, made him a sought-after resource for his peers both inside and outside the classroom.

Witnessing Ben’s continuous improvement and his seamless integration into the cohort has been an absolute pleasure. Achieving an 80% overall mark, he’s a true asset to the architectural technology field and a promising representative for Leeds Beckett and SMR.