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Competition Results Announced!

Staff News

June 2022

A team from SMR chose to enter an international competition hosted by Buildners ( Since sustainable and carbon zero design is at the core of design for many staff in the practice, along with re-use, recycling and sustainable living, eating, drinking something that is very much on topic, the Myvatn Community House in Iceland competition presented itself with a core brief of circular economy and living as the focus and brief for this fantastic project a perfect fit.

The SMR supported team of four included Charles Pickard, James Naughton, Ben Hardwick & Matthew Carney.

On behalf of the team Charles Pickard explains “We set out our design as a state of the art Carbon Zero Community Centre which would offer space for the local community to gather, exchange goods, farm hydroponically all year round and  provide a formalised area for the parking of the localities emergency services and vehicles and recycling facilities. The building constructed to the wall and base in re-cycled concrete, utilsiing the materials thermal mass to heat the building and the Etfe constructed roof to provide optimal thermal performance aswell as daylighting internally. The building is access over three levels with the green house and hydroponic vertical farming facilities integrated at each floor to maximise the yield of food for the local community. The secondary purpose of the facility and the wider site was to contribute back to the reforestation of Iceland incorporating a nursery element for sapling trees which are then taken out to the external Nurseries to continue maturing ready for re-planting. We really felt that our design hit on the key requirement of the brief in creating/being a part the local communities circular economy.”

We are incredibly proud to say that our submission was shortlisted against an international playing field of total in excess of 100 submissions.

Simon Rispin, Director adds “We’re very proud of our teams submission and to be shortlisted in a competition so fiercely contended is of course incredible. A huge well done to the team, and thankyou for all the time and effort it took to deliver this submission. Putting the brief, sustainability and responsive design together is what bore this scheme, and rightly so the team are delighted with the shortlisting result.”

Please do check out our submission from the link.