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SMR Architects Carbon Zero commitments

As the world listens to COP27, SMR’s sustainability group have been working closely alongside external sustainability consultants Flotilla (, to agree our Carbon Reduction Plan. The plan sets out our commitment and aims to reach carbon net Zero by 2030 and being Carbon Neutral in the interim. It identifies areas we can reduce our carbon footprint going forwards in a structured and meaningful way. We have now adopted a series of REDD+ high quality nature-based solutions offsetting our carbon footprint, these include recognised projects in Cambodia and Brazil. To fully engage our staff and in typical SMR style, we have committed to beyond the baseline, and will be involved in more local schemes which all our employees will be able to make a difference hands on!

We will be sharing more of our Carbon Net Zero Plan and our partnership with Flotilla shortly so please watch this this space.

Director, Simon Rispin notes “Everyone has a role and responsibility to Act on the Environmental challenge the world is facing. We work with exceptional clients who have their own ESG agendas, it is only right they look to work with like-minded consultants who have taken steps in the right direction to reduce their own carbon.

John Rastrick from Flotilla added “Working with SMR’s team on this project has been fantastic, their focus and desire to do their part in addressing the threat of Climate Change is clear, with their plans embedded throughout the ecosystem of their business.  By setting ambitious but robust, science-based targets to be Net Zero by 2030, with a detailed plan and identified and traceable actions, measured via our KPI reporting platform, they are truly holding themselves accountable.  SMR’s approach is a great example of sector and climate thought leadership at this critical time.