With a breadth of expertise, and drawing on many years’ experience, SMR Architects is able to provide clients with advice and guidance over the lifecycle of a project. Having an absolute belief in benefits of teamwork and collaborative relationships, we are happy to work with or lead, multi-disciplinary teams that may include external specialists and other architects. The strength in depth of our team allows SMR to operate in a wide range of industry sectors and on projects with a broad range of scale – from small refurbishments to multi-million pound Mixed Use schemes.

We offer a very straightforward, enthusiastic and flexible approach to work; our service to clients can be tailored to client needs; from our complete architectural service or we can provide individual, specialist skills as appropriate.

Architectural Design Services

SMR Architects provides lead consultant architectural services, with deliverables typical of this role, including:

  • Site appraisal and strategy
  • Brief response
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design concept and development
  • Planning and building regulations
  • Detailed design and coordination
  • Tender design and submission
  • Specification
  • Construction information
  • Final construction and O&M manual handover

SMR Architects utilises the technologies and processes typical of a collaborative environment and can tailor the output to suit any client.

Principal Designer

CDM 2015 came into force on April 6th 2015, this included the removal of the CDM Co-ordinator and creation of the Principal Designer.  CDM 2015 also places greater responsibilities onto the client in terms of Health and Safety.

SMR Architects have embraced these changes, bringing the skills in house to undertake the Principal Designer role, as well as CDM Client advisory to support clients in discharging their duties.

SMR have suitable processes and a suite of documentation to fully integrate Health and Safety into the design process. SMR holds the CHAS Designers and Principle Designers Accreditations.


SMR Architects strives to be at the forefront of technology adoption and innovation in the Design and Construction industry. Historically, we made a timely transition from drawing board to CAD, and are now leading the way in the use and development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes.  We firmly believe that BIM technology provides a catalyst for positive change in the industry.

Our team has a mature understanding of BIM technologies, and managing project data and collaboration forms a key focus in our drive for a more inclusive, integrated and complete design process.  SMR utilises BIM on all scales for projects, some BIM projects are selected to fulfil client requirements, others are due to the complexity of the design and our determination to utilise BIM methodologies.  We believe BIM is as much about people as it is about technology and processes and our wealth of knowledge allows us to lead and educate our clients and consultant design teams on our projects.

Through the application of BIM technology we can help clients achieve real commercial results, through improved efficiency, better design, clearer coordination, reduced risk and useable intelligent information. SMR can offer 3 aspects either separately or packaged as part of the larger design program and deliverable:

1 BIM Modelling

SMR Architects provides modelling services for both existing and new build projects, capturing various levels of information. We can take 2D drawing information (e.g. Building and Topographical Surveys) and provide graphical models, together with information aligned to various requirements.

We are experienced at integrating design information provided by Co-Consultants, Suppliers and Specialist Sub-Contractors, to enhance the robustness of the architectural model and develop the design.

Through a vigorous BIM documentation process, we are able to embed a relevant level of product data into bespoke model components and library elements, for later reference.

Visualisation is an added value benefit of the model.

2 BIM Implementation and Delivery

To ensure the successful delivery of a collaborative BIM process; standards, processes and procedures need to be setup and adopted by the whole team. SMR can oversee the setup and delivery of a team BIM approach aligned to Level2 methodologies. This includes:

  • Client EIR review and report
  • Supply chain BIM capability assessment and report
  • Design and development of the BIM Execution Plan as a response to the EIR

3 BIM Information Management, Coordination and Validation

Typically when working to BIM Level2 processes, SMR utilises the CIC BIM Protocol set deliverables and obligations for the project team. An obligation of the employer is to appoint an Information Manager to oversee the validity and integrity of information deliverables for the project.  To ensure that model deliverables and client requirements at key work stages throughout the project are being met, SMR Architects are experienced with this BIM role and provide services including:

  • Common Data Environment setup, management and maintenance
  • Initiate, agree and implement the project information plan and asset information plan
  • Setup, management and reporting of the collaboration, exchange and project team processes.
  • Model checking, QA and reporting from the design team
  • Model federation for the Project Information model
  • Clash detection and reporting of the PIM and assignment of resolution
  • Validation of model integrity
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