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Culture and Ethos

Culture and Ethos

Our diversity makes us stronger


Team SMR continues to grow and is proud of the multicultural and international diversity throughout the team.

22 languages
French, Spanish, Portuguese BR, Romanian, English, Jamaican, Tagalog, Patois, Polish, Pidgen, Mandarin, Albanian, Greek, Afrikaans, Cantonese, Hindi, Kannada, Gagalog, Ibeno, Malay, Persian, and Yorkshire

17 nationalities
British, Romanian, Jamaican, Polish, American, British/Chinese, Kosovar-Albanian, Greek, South African, Hong Konger, British/German, British/South African, British/Persian, Nigerian, British/Filipino, Indian, Malaysian, Mexican/German.

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SMR has a long history of developing students within the design and construction industry and has close ties with Leeds Beckett University, the University of Leeds, and Northumbria University.

To support the education and ongoing development of the team, SMR have implemented:

  • Apprenticeships Schemes; Level3 & 4 at local colleges and Level 7 RIBA Apprenticeship with Universities
  • SMRs Learning Academy, aiding the attainment of RIBA/ARB and CIAT status
  • CPD programme


SMR have a young, diverse team and an active social calendar, with various activities taking place at lunchtimes, after work and on weekends.

  • Lunch Club
  • Sketch Club
  • Film Nights
  • SMR Sporting
  • Nights Out

Wellness and Enrichment

In addition to the busy social activities SMR have put in place a number of initiatives to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the team, and to provide regular respites from the working week.