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About Us

An Award Winning Employer

Smalley Marsey Rispin Architects  are a dynamic, collaborative team committed to using creativity and innovation in the design of quality buildings with optimum functionality.

Drawing upon decades of experience within the core business sectors of logistics and retail architecture.  We hold a clear vision for the future that builds upon and consolidates our experience whilst further diversifying into the residential and commercial design.

Project teams are organised to ensure a combination of the people with the most appropriate expertise to fulfill a client’s requirements. This means that individual experience is maximised, local knowledge is drawn upon, and innovation is incorporated. In our opinion, good design should be stimulating and welcoming, and provide a sense of well-being.

We are a company of 50+ individuals, each with their own unique strengths & creativity, alongside this, TeamSMR has a strong shared vision of the future. Our Vision is to be the architects of choice for creative and quality solutions, underpinned by our day-to-day mission to: