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A Busy and Talented July


July has been a vibrant and busy month at SMR Architects, brimming with fresh energy and talent! We are thrilled to welcome three fantastic additions to our team, each bringing their unique skills and passion for architecture.

We’re delighted to welcome back Ben, who has now graduated with First Class honours on his BSc in Architectural Technology degree and set to become an integral part of the residential team. His expertise and dedication have always been commendable, and we can’t wait to see him excel once again.

In addition, we are excited to have two new experienced Architectural Assistant Part2s, Zeinab and Hikmat-

Zeinab is based in our Manchester office and will be continuing her skills development in our busy Retail team. Her previous experience and creativity will be making a positive impact on our projects.

Hikmat, on the other hand, joins us in the Harrogate office, where she has already become an invaluable asset to the Manufacturing team. Enthusiastic about architectural design and life generally, we are confident that she will make significant contributions to our firm.

Architects of the Future

As part of our commitment to nurturing the next generation of architects and technologists, we have welcomed three enthusiastic work-experience students: Poppy, Izzy, and Emily. We believe in the importance of mentorship and knowledge-sharing, and our experienced designers have gladly taken these students under their wings. The mentorship opportunities have been incredibly rewarding for both the students and our team, as we witness the growth and development of these budding architects.

Amanda Marsey, Director said “With this infusion of new talent and the collaborative spirit among our experienced team, July has been an outstanding month of creativity, innovation, and positivity at SMR Architects. We look forward to seeing all our team members thrive and continue to create exceptional architectural solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.”