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Key Facts

Capital Cost:

Wallace House Innovation Kitchen - Waitrose

As part of SMR’s ongoing relationship with the Waitrose Partnership we were approached by our client to provide a £1.5m Innovation space for Waitrose chefs to create, test, and present new products to be offered within retail stores.

SMR’s close liaison with the end users during the initial stages of the scheme allowed the final project to fulfil the clients brief within the constraints of the existing office space.

The scheme was based within 450 square meters of existing office space within Wallace House, a building which forms part of Bracknell campus and the Headquarters for Waitrose.

The ‘Innovation Kitchen’ brief was to provide a space to test and develop new products prior to being rolled out across Waitrose retail stores. The scheme covered a wide array of operations such as kitchens for the development of new products, confidential kitchen spaces for the internal preparation and private assessment of supplier products, the presentation kitchen suite for media presentations and training events along with support office and innovation space for all aspects of their food development operation.

The completed scheme was very well received by Waitrose and is now fully operational.