May 2020

When SMR actioned their WFH plans 10 weeks ago, like most companies we entered a ‘controlled’ survival mode.

SMR’s Leadership team put processes in place, sent home test teams to prove our ongoing effectiveness, and worked closely with our IT and Telecoms support companies.

Microsoft Teams has been a godsend, allowing us to undertake Leadership huddles, daily team catch-ups, company-wide meetings, interview potential new staff, manage our projects, speak to potential new clients and last but not least has sparked Friday lunchtime silliness.

Friday Lunchtime Silliness, has so far seen TeamSMR undertake; countless quizzes, scavenger hunts, bingo, cryptic photo puzzles and simple chats in peoples garden with a glass of beer or pop.

Luckily, the practice was already well versed in video and conference calls and guiding our clients through scheme development via screen sharing. These processes are now utilised by all SMR staff throughout the day, to ensure we deliver the best possible service.

Amanda Marsey notes “We hope all our clients and peers have experienced a seamless transition as SMR actioned our WFH processes. This swan-like shift occurred because our full team pulled together and the Directors would like to thank our entire team for continuing to go the extra mile to ensure our Clients are well looked after.


This pandemic was never wanted and has left its scares, but we’re pleased to say that SMR isn’t simply surviving, it’s thriving! Furthermore, we’re on the lookout for future challenges to keep us busy.”