01 Fully Co-ordinated Model, Ambient NDC for Waitrose24 July 2015

SMR Architects have successfully delivered their first Contractor BIM Coordination role, following appointment by Winvic Construction Ltd.  Due to a Waitrose aspiration and requirement for BIM processes to be implemented on all projects moving forward, SMR Architects provided a key role both pre construction assisting Waitrose with their developing Employers Information Requirements and the design team to setup and implement standards and protocols, as well as through the construction process to align the model deliverables to the brief.

The awarding winning Waitrose Ambient NDC scheme posed a series of collaboration challenges with two separate design teams working towards the same end goal, one delivering the shell and core facilities and the other delivering the fit out.  As a result of this, BIM Level 2 processes and technologies were adopted to provide:

  • standards and protocols to be used to gain consistency
  • model coordination and validation
  • clash detection and resolution
  • visualisation
  • specification and scheduling
  • room data capture
  • use of a common data environment to offer sharing of information between the team
  • facilities management data capture through a post completion asset model underpinned with information driven by Waitrose FM

The strategies implemented on the scheme brought about many benefits to the whole team.  The use of clash detection techniques allowed us to highlight some of the coordination issues between packages before they got to site.  The visualisation capabilities allowed us to review the design with the client on a much more intimate level, giving confidence that the design intent fully met the clients aspirations.  In addition to this site installation was compared against the model to ensure the design intent was actually delivered.  Views of the model were used prior to practical completion to capture snagging items before and after remedy and this formed the basis for reporting and sign off by the client.  Finally design team collaboration, openess and willingness to share information and the drive to test and push the boundaries on BIM, made this a very successful project.

Tim Reeve, Technical Director for Winvic construction said:

“SMR took on both architectural and BIM coordination services for this project.  The BIM coordination role meant all of the operator direct appointments and our own sub-contractors adhered to our employers requirements in regard to BIM.  Using Revit and Navisworks SMR detected some 1,500 clashes, the majority of which were found on the screen rather than on site leading to cost and programme savings.  A growing number of our clients are requiring level 2 BIM through their specifications and SMR are happy leading us on that journey.  We are already looking to appoint them to undertake stand alone BIM coordination roles on future projects”.

Whilst there were many benefits on this project, there were also some challenges and lesson learnt.  The project was delivered to tight timeframes and because of this some of the modelling work was carried out in tandem with installation on site.  As a result of this some of the clash detection techniques were used as a way of highlighting as installed issues that needed to be resolved in the model, prior to asset handover.  The nature of appointments, contracts and model deliverables did pose an issue on this scheme and whilst we did respond well to the brief in the end, earlier model deliverables at design stage would have allowed much better coordination, clash resolution and validation, prior to contractor appointment.  Whilst the industry is moving in the right direction with BIM and the benefits are being recognised, the level of uptake and deliverable is not quite aligned and this will only develop with time.  As an industry we do need to work together, share experiences and talk about the benefits to both ourselves as well as the wider audience to gain the true potential of this process.  SMR Architects firmly believe in the collaborative ethos and willingness to share and work together and feel this has been highlighted on this project.

Jonny Morgan, BIM Projects Coordinator for SMR said:

“We are keen to share our BIM knowledge & experiences, and work will like minded people in the industry. If you want to understand how SMR tackles BIM or simply learn more about the benefits, please get in touch!”

10 Main Office Fitout Coordination Reception View 11 Signage Coordination, Ambient NDC for Waitrose07 Partners Dining Area 02 Goods In Pod Office 06 Main Entrance to Office Facility 09 Detailed Coordination 02 Detailed Coordination 12 Detailed Coordination 04 Office Structural Model, Ambient NDC for Waitrose