SMR Architects are pleased to announce that their relationship with Winvic Construction over the course of 2016 and into 2017 has strengthened, providing architectural services and more so BIM related services.

Both SMR and Winvics drive to adopt BIM Level 2 Processes, as well as BIM forming a key part of client requirements, has seen a series of opportunities develop on behalf of Winvic to assist with setting up strategies and processes to get the most out of BIM through the construction period, with SMR undertaking a BIM Information Manager / Coordinator role.

Over the course of 2016 we have been involved with a series of different clients and design teams all with a varying understanding of BIM, including Prologis, Roxhill and Lidl.  We have seen common themes working with all teams and a clear drive to implement and utilise BIM processes to enhance the design and construction process.  In addition to this we are now starting to develop and shape the information they require at handover to assist with ongoing operation and maintenance and this is further developing how we work together as a team throughout the project to respond to these requirements.

Tim Reeve, Technical Director for Winvic Construction said:

We are very happy to be developing this relationship with SMR and collectively we are developing and streamlining our processes to respond to clients BIM Requirements.  SMR’s team are always passionate about BIM workflows to enhance the design and construction phases and this has assisted us as a business to develop and challenge our own internal processes to inform how we approach BIM.  We look forward to developing this relationship in 2017.

3d-building-cutaway-isometric-final-b 04 Office Structural Model, Ambient NDC for Waitrose

3D-Isometric Cutaway-Final