September 2019


SMR Architects are pleased to announce the recent completion of a 1,500,000 sq/ft ‘self-build’ logistics facility at Central Park, Severn Beach in Bristol, working with ISG retail. Prior to novation, SMR worked closely with the end user client to realise the site potential, as well as developing the elevational treatment to produce a strong colour palette.

Central Park has the benefit of planning consents, which enabled immediate distribution development, together with main road site access and utilities already in place. This unique position allowed for immediate delivery of the building.

The facility sits on a 34 acres site offering good links to key motorways close by and the wider road network. The site provides good parking provisions, as well as bus public transport drop of areas and motorcycle/bicycle parking areas.

The facility is accessed via a main office hub area providing various departmental activities and is the core management hub to the building. This leads into 3 levels of automated warehouse floor, including a ground floor and 2 levels of mezzanine, which is the focal point of the operation. The project responds to the end user specification requirements and design standards and this was developed and captured for the site team through well-structured design team and client meetings.

BIM processes were critical to the success of this project, with ISG setting up sharing and collaboration principles from the outset, which SMR proved to be a key part of. A model-based approach for coordinating and documenting proved to be a game changer, given the complex M&E and automated systems that had to be detailed. In addition to this, having a model available at meetings brought clarity to the process and this gave confidence when it came to design sign off.

Furthermore, the development and capture of non-graphical data associated to the geometry, allowed for complex schedules to be extracted from the model to be used by the client post completion.

A successful and well received project and we are pleased to announce the collaborative partnership between ISG and SMR continues to grow.