August 2021

The RIBA Yorkshire has awarded a commendation to SMR’s Student Architect Sam Tipping.

The 2021 Student award was given for the project that Sam undertook which sought to celebrate the positive aspects of Buenos Aires Villas.

The hypothetical project scenario acknowledges that the Villas (shanty towns) of Buenos Aires are currently expanding by 50% area each decade. By the year 2150, the project site (abandoned Caseros prison) is engulfed by the expanding Villas. A self-sufficient Villa community forms around the site called Villa 1 and the ex-prison is allocated as the hub for creating and distributing resources to this community.

Whilst Villas are often seen as negative places, the project tributes positive aspects, such as the vibrant street markets and self-build culture seen in Villas. The project encourages self-build by utilizing scaffolding like components to create resource creation towers containing modular farms and workshops where native Argentinian crops, e.g. sunflowers, are grown. These towers can grow and contract using simple scaffolding technologies to adapt to the varying resource demands of Villa 1. Resources are transported around the towers and into the ex-prison via a pulley system network, where they are sorted and packed ready to be distributed to Villa 1 residents via the on-site market, which occupies the main courtyard of the abandoned building.

The Villas, once a forgotten community, often hidden from view, can finally be celebrated and seen.

Congratulations to Sam and good luck with your completing the rest of your studies.