As part of ongoing refurbishment and improvement works, the Waite House project consisted of a number of interjections into an existing office facility during 2014. The scheme comprised of three main parts. Firstly, refurbishment of the partner dining room to provide a modern uplift and new look and feel to the facility. New spaces were created, and new wall and floor finishes helped redefine the space.

Secondly, in providing a new security office space where existing redundant storage was originally provided, we facilitated a third stage: the creation of a purpose built post room. Both these later stages were undertaken in a live environment, and required careful phasing works. Delivering two modified spaces provided both the security and post teams with more usable and suitable spaces.

Construction works were undertaken in a phased approach by Conamar Ltd, the scheme received positive feedback from stakeholders throughout the construction phase and from end users as the spaces were handed over to them.