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Migena Salihu

Migena joined SMR in December 2020, after working at a multidisciplinary practice post Masters, specialising in the commercial sector giving her a vast range of experience of the working stages and the design spectrum. Throughout her academic and professional career, she has developed a strong interest in the social responsibilities of architecture.

Her thesis ‘The 0000 district: super-diversity through fragmentary amalgamation’ focused on raising awareness of  the 20th year anniversary of the Kosovo conflict, through creating a new district in Mitrovica. The district’s predominant purpose is one of super-diversity, a diversity accomplished through a reductionist method to architecture that focuses on fragments at a smaller proportion. The district is the epitome of unification and fusion between the ethnic lines of Kosovar- Albanians and Serbians, breaking down boundaries still prevalent in Mitrovica, for a brighter future.

In her spare time, Migena enjoys seeing her friends and family as well as cheering on Chelsea football club!