March 2019

SMR Architects participated in a challenging 24h international architecture competition on Saturday, 23rd February, organised by Ideas Forward.

The competition theme ‘Everest’ was announced couple of weeks prior the event, with the full brief description; location, recent events and detailed concept being released on the competition day. The required output was to issue an A1 concept drawing.

The Everest story was well worth researching, as made the team more aware of the issues our planet is dealing with. The requirement was to build structures located at the different camps along the South Rise of Everest (Tibet/ Nepal side). Our concept was a smart response to all the human waste the mountain is facing, due to the increasing number of people exponentially wanting to reach the peak.

Andra Medeleanu noted “Our SMR team of five, found this an interesting and imaginative challenge, harnessing our creative ambitions. We had plenty of ideas to include within our concept but with limited time, we quickly chose to focus our research time on the use Pykrete material. Our idea was to encourage the use this material, meaning the climbers would ‘leave no trace’ or have no negative impact on the existing environment”.

For a first attempt at a 24 hour international competition, we are very proud of it and motivated to participate to the next ones. We’ve actually committed to the next one: Hypermega!”