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BIM IM Schemes for Winvic

May 2019

SMR are pleased to announce that the continuing development of BIM principles with Winvic Construction, has seen the recent completion of 2 logistics schemes for Prologis adopting BIM Level 2 methodologies responding to their EIR.

SMR were appointed to the team to set up BIM strategies and processes including:

 BIM Goals and Objectives
 Roles, responsibilities and design ownership
 Design Coordination and information authoring
 Clash Detection and Resolution
 Information sharing in a Common Data Environment
 COBie
 Model federation

The success of this project in relation to BIM was achieved through the implementation of a BIM Execution Plan, that formed a working document which was updated and developed at regular intervals to document and track strategies and deliverables, as well as utilising the model at the main discussion tool at design and client team meetings. Clash detection processes ahead of meetings allowed the team to focus on problem areas during the meeting and come up with design solutions prior to packages reaching site. This proved to be very beneficial.

In addition to this a Master Information Delivery Plan clearly defined who was doing what and when this was to be delivered against the construction programme. This clearly highlighted that the information to be produced and coordinated was shared amongst the team and this in turn set the foundations for a much more collaborative approach. The MIDP also set the basis for decision making from the client on maintainable assets and the information collected could then be checked against COBie requirements.

BIM principles and processes certainly proved beneficial for theses schemes and Ian Lem from Winvic Construction said:

‘I’m pleased to say that the service I received from you and your team at SMR was nothing less than excellent, from your initial BIM execution delivery meeting with the design team and through all the stages of the model coordination & clash checking to completion of the project your input has been fundamental in achieving a clash free build on site.’

SMR’s Inaugural Discussion Lunch – Manchester

May 2019

SMR hosted our inaugural discussion lunch in the Private Dining room of RB&G in Manchester earlier in the month. The event was attended by a mix of our existing clients and fellow consultants who brought to the table a range of views and useful insight into “The Changing face of retail for logistics”. Interspersed with a great lunch, we talked around the next generation of retail, how the mobile phone is the new shop window and how retailers themselves can accommodate the fast paced, changing world of retail.

As architects we want to set ourselves apart in our field by having this inside knowledge of how the market is changing, so we can help our clients deliver the “next big thing” and make sure our designs are current and practical for the changing sectors we work in. We think these sessions can help explore this, and hopefully help our fellow consultants do the same.

One lunch attendee noted after our lunch “I just wanted to say thank you to you all for the great time on Thursday. The debate was very interesting and almost immediately following the meeting I arranged a meet in London to see how we can assist a new client going forward. I’ll let you know how things progress with that.”

The next discussion lunch is already in the diary and we look forward to heading to another part of the UK and bringing together relevant experts to discuss another topic. If you’d like to attend one of our events, please contact any of the Directors.

Simon Rispin, Director added “The discussion lunch is about bringing the market leaders in a sector together and sharing the knowledge we collectively have. By us seeing both the bigger picture and the micro detail helps us understand the way our architecture needs to respond to the market. As a national architect we will be travelling the country and have lunches planned in Birmingham, London and Leeds with more to come.”



‘Everest’ 24h International Architecture Competition

March 2019

SMR Architects participated in a challenging 24h international architecture competition on Saturday, 23rd February, organised by Ideas Forward.

The competition theme ‘Everest’ was announced couple of weeks prior the event, with the full brief description; location, recent events and detailed concept being released on the competition day. The required output was to issue an A1 concept drawing.

The Everest story was well worth researching, as made the team more aware of the issues our planet is dealing with. The requirement was to build structures located at the different camps along the South Rise of Everest (Tibet/ Nepal side). Our concept was a smart response to all the human waste the mountain is facing, due to the increasing number of people exponentially wanting to reach the peak.

Andra Medeleanu noted “Our SMR team of five, found this an interesting and imaginative challenge, harnessing our creative ambitions. We had plenty of ideas to include within our concept but with limited time, we quickly chose to focus our research time on the use Pykrete material. Our idea was to encourage the use this material, meaning the climbers would ‘leave no trace’ or have no negative impact on the existing environment”.

For a first attempt at a 24 hour international competition, we are very proud of it and motivated to participate to the next ones. We’ve actually committed to the next one: Hypermega!”






Retail Completion – Farfield Way, Whitby

February 2019

SMR Architects are pleased to announce the completion of two new retail units on Fairfield Way, Whitby. After achieving planning approval in December 2017, SMR Architects experienced a successful collaboration between the Client, Lateral Property Group and the appointed Main Contractor, Havercroft Construction.

The proposed scheme provides a total of 32,920 sq ft of modern retail space facing Stainsacre Lane (the A171), ancillary accommodation, its own customer car park and a dedicated service yard. The project delivers a very good asset to the Retail Development Strategy as defined by the Local Authority. SMR Architects hope, that through our design utilising a contemporary mix of cladding and shopfront glazing, along with strong pedestrian links to the parking, we meet the expectations the local community of this well-loved seaside town.

Mathew Smalley noted “We are pleased to have been involved with the delivery of this project on behalf of Lateral Property Group and seeing this Brownfield regeneration design come to fruition. This completed project reflects the latest step in our growing relationship with Lateral and we are delighted to have been engaged to assist them to design and deliver future schemes.

This successful project was also the first collaboration between Havercroft Construction and SMR, and we look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

The retailers operating these stores are aiming to open in May 2019, and SMR Architects wish them every success



Three New Lidl Stores

November 2018                                                                                                                                                               

In collaboration with the Main Contractors and our Client, Lidl UK GmbH; SMR Architects is pleased to announce the successful opening of three new ‘Format’ Lidl Food Stores, in the Yorkshire Region.

After a couple of years in Planning and several bespoke design changes throughout the process, the Lidl Store in Knaresborough started on site Christmas 2017; and with Castlehouse as the Main Contractor, opened in July 2018. This Store opening marked the first Type 1300 Store to open in the Yorkshire region and attracted several high profile Lidl Personnel; who expressed their appreciation for the quality displayed in the completed Store.

In a theme of ‘firsts’; once again, SMR teamed up with Main Contractor Gelder Group, to deliver the first Type 1100 Store in Yorkshire. The new Store in Shirebrook, opened in October 2018 and offers another customised aesthetic; incorporating several brickwork elements, to reflect the local context, in contemporary manner.

To complete the Trio of openings; the Type 1300 Store in Barton-upon-Humber, with Main Contractor Hobson Porter at the helm, opened in December 2018. Unlike the other two Stores, the Barton Store depicts Lidl’s undiluted corporate ‘standards’, with a full-height glazed elevation into the Sales Floor combined, with grey & white rendered walls.

In all instances; alongside our Architectural Design services; SMR has been engaged to provide the Principal Designer role.

Gary Rafferty of Lidl Yorkshire said;

“As part of our Consultant Team, SMR has provided a solid, professional service to Lidl Yorkshire and they clearly have a good rapport with our Main Contractors, resulting in the successful delivery of these three new Stores across the region.”

Mathew Smalley, SMR Director said;

“In conjunction with our Contractor Clients, we’re proud of our contribution towards the delivery of these three new Lidl Stores.  It’s obviously exciting to pick up new schemes; but it’s even more satisfying to see projects come to fruition and progress as trading entities. ”

Completion Safestore, Wellington Street North, Stockport

December 2018



Following on from the successful Planning and Listed Building Consent, which were approved in May 2017, SMR teamed up with Allied Roofing and Underwood Carpenter to deliver the wholesale replacement roofing strategy for an existing Grade II Listed building, in Stockport. The existing building, a former LNWR Warehouse located on Wellington Road North (A6) was constructed in 1877 and is now operated by Safestore Self Storage. Read more

Wallace House – Innovation Kitchen – Waitrose.

December 2018                                                           

As part of SMR’s ongoing relationship with the Waitrose Partnership we were approached by our client to provide a £1.5m Innovation space for Waitrose chefs to create, test and present new products to be offered within retail stores.

SMR’s close liaison with the end users during the initial stages of the scheme allowed the final project to fulfil the clients brief within the constraints of the existing office space.

The scheme was based within 450 square meters of existing office space within Wallace House, a building which forms part of Bracknell campus and the Headquarters for Waitrose.

The ‘Innovation Kitchen’ brief was to provide a space to test and develop new products prior to being rolled out across Waitrose retail stores. The scheme covered a wide array of operations such as kitchens for the development of new products, confidential kitchen spaces for the internal preparation and private assessment of supplier products, the presentation kitchen suite for media presentations and training events along with support office and innovation space for all aspects of their food development operation.

The completed scheme was very well received by Waitrose and is now fully operational.

SMR Extend Again

November 2018


Completed her undergraduate degree at the university of Kent and enjoyed her time living in Canterbury, she then moved back to Nottingham to complete a year in industry working on domestic projects before moving up to Leeds to start her masters in architecture.


Completing his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast in 2010, Ben has been employed at an architectural practice in Dorset, where he was involved in small scale residential architectural projects, moving from Dorset to Harrogate.



New Team Members as SMR expands in 2018



Fresh from completing his Masters in Architecture at Huddersfield University, Jack is enthusiastic to take the next step in his architectural career which involves expanding and sharing his passion for creative design and functioning in a tight-knit group of like minded individuals.


After completing her undergraduate studies and a year of experience, working in the education sector Kamila decided to broaden her architectural knowledge and practical experience further. She is very keen to absorb vital skills before starting her postgraduate studies next September.


Scott Morrison has recently Graduated from the University of Dundee. Keen to work in a team and with an eye for detail, he intends to expand his knowledge in practical architecture and work towards his part III.