April 2021


SMR Architects can reflect that despite the ongoing pandemic and through the various lockdowns the company has made sustainable growth.

The core sectors of the construction industry where SMR operates (Residential, Industrial/ Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics) have all seen widening demands.

Combined together SMR has contributed to in excess of 12.5 Million sq. ft. of floor space during the pandemic. The company has had to respond to market demands and has successfully made several key staff appointments.

As the company continues to grow, SMR focuses confidently to enhance and make new relationships particularly within the residential sector. This also includes new opportunities for medium rise facilities, both private and build to rent schemes which will strengthen SMR’s presence in regions we are already active within, such as the North East.


Our drive for ‘last mile’ delivery space, has meant SMR Architects has been involved in over 500 feasibility studies across the UK & Europe.

New space delivered through planning and construction over the past 12 months in the UK now provides over ½ M shipments each day to all areas of the UK.

Ten of the sites delivered provide over 1M sq. ft. including modular build facilities for speed of erection on site, new build purpose-built spaces and refurbishment and extension of existing buildings.

We continue to be instrumental in the development of the ‘perfect operational building’ and proud to be in our fourth year as UK Lead Architect for this workstream for one of the largest retailers in the world.

Each site has 250 Electric Vehicle spaces which really emphasises our client’s future commitment in reducing their carbon footprint and setting the bar ever higher.

A number of masterplan schemes have continued to develop through the early stages, and this forthcoming year will hopefully see a number of these reach the planning stages. These schemes provide over 7M sq. ft. of new specialist logistics space.


Two facilities combine to provide over 4M sq. ft. complex automated warehouse space delivered and now operational, strengthening our portfolio of ‘Megashed’ delivery, and deal with an excess of 1M parcels every day.

Built to meet operational needs of a worldwide e-tailer the buildings, in Durham and Darlington, are across a number of robotic floors and are each supported by in excess of 250,000sqft modern office space.

Both achieved BREEAM Very Good. The facilities form part of a wider network of facilities for the operator.

We continue to bolster the provision for the North East. We are also currently engaged to support planning applications which are running for a number of similar facilities across the UK.

Keeping UK Groceries Moving

Over the last year, SMR’s Retail Team has supported Lidl GB in meeting their annual target to open more than 50 stores. This has included the delivery of several new stores across the North-West, which all opened on a single day.

SMR has also supported Domino’s Pizza with the development of two new regional production facilities (the first in Scotland, just outside Glasgow and a second in Ireland, south-west of Dublin), whilst assisting Waitrose with the opening of two new online Grocery picking centres, serving the Greater London area.

Supporting Regional Industry

SMR’s Industrial Team has lots of interesting new projects in the ‘pipeline’ and have quietly been supporting a range of new manufacturing and grocery facilities.

One project is a Plastics Production centre, Nr Leeds, facilitating Esterform’s ambition to produce recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) products suitable for food & beverage containers. The project supports current national Government targets for recycled PET products.