December 2020

Congratulations to SMR’s Andra Medeleanu in gaining her Part III

Architect Andra Medeleanu has studied in the UK and recently gained her Part III architecture qualification. Andra has worked at SMR for almost 4 years (4 years on 7th January). In this Q&A Andra explains her international training and her career aspirations:

Q What attracted you to a career in architecture?

A The prospect of combining a creative mind with Sciences (Mathematics, highlighting Geometry).
In simpler terms I wished a career that I could enjoy every day.

Q Where were you born and brought up as a child?

A. Romania (generally known as the land of Dracula 😊).

Q. What architecture/ design / construction (or others) qualifications do you have?

A I have the equivalent of a UK Bachelor and Masters in Architecture. Recently I passed my Part 3 Course.

Q Where did you study architecture?

A Bachelor and Masters in Romania. One Erasmus year as part of Master Degree in Italy and recently UK obtaining my Architect title.

Q Have you noticed any differences in your training with that of people who have studied in the UK?

A The Part 3 Course undertaken in the UK is by definition a course which encourages you to work independently, to rationalise your reflective skills and to motivate you to improve upon your continuous professional development. My previous academic environment in Italy or Romania was defining the base of my knowledge in architecture which it was more about work collectively: support and collaborate with other students or professors.

Generally, they are very different because they reflect different stages of you going up the ladder of your career. Overall, I could say that the training received had similar goals in encouraging me to collaborate, to consider others and the environment.

Q Would you recommend your training route for other aspiring Architects?

A Definitely. even more, I would encourage to explore other Universities within different countries, continents. Learn new languages, travel more if you have the possibility. I believe it is important to create yourself a ‘knowledge luggage’ that will help you be creative in the years to come. I think it is important to understand that creativity does not necessarily refer to impressive/ ‘one off’ projects. No matter what your projects are, you need inspiration every day in your practice. Most of the time it is not about ‘reinventing the wheel’ but adapting to new ways of practicing architecture i.e.: keeping up with technology, understanding environmental needs, communities’ requests etc.

Q What are your career aspirations, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A 10 years is a long time and honestly, I do not know. Looking back and reflecting on my actions done so far, I would say that in the next year I want to get acquainted with what practicing as an Architect means and then evaluate my skills.