September 2019



Launching in September are two new Logistics delivery stations in key strategic locations to pick up the peak demand and help manage sustained growth beyond. On both sites SMR have been working closely with the logistics provider and the main contractor at all work stages; from feasibility and site selection right through to completion of construction, to ensure the projects were delivered with a successful outcome.

Littlehampton is an upgrade to an existing facility, co-located with the headquarters of a second high street operator. A new canopy building infilling the yard and fit out to an adjacent warehouse will double their delivery capacity, alongside which the welfare and office spaces are being upgraded to the latest standards to deliver a safe and enjoyable working environment for the delivery staff and drivers.

Wembley is a short term delivery station situated just down the road from the iconic stadium, repurposing an existing vacant warehouse into a compact and efficient installation. A ‘light touch’ fit-out to the building will give some much needed extra delivery capacity to a rapidly growing area of London.